Malaysia may Jail WhatsApp group Admins over fake news

Pappi Hex

 WhatsApp admins are having a rough time in Malaysia as the country's government is set to prosecute any WhatsApp group Admin(s) that fails in stopping the distribution of fake news on their group.

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 The country which whose general elections are expected to take place either between this year and next are taking major steps in ensuring that fake news, panic or misleading information don't take over the process. Following Indias foot steps who recently enacted a law to combat the spread of fake news which was directed at social media group admins, the Malaysia government is also using an existing law to do the same.

 According to the country's Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Johari Gilani, the administrator involved will be questioned and offenses such as defamation, false news, fraud, incitement etc are all punishable under the OSA (Official Secrete Act).

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"The administrator may be called to assist in the investigation whether the action taken against the individual depends on the facts and evidence of each case," Bharian reports Gilani to say.

 "No matter how false, not authentic or defamatory purpose, the administrator responsible for its members. If proven individual (administrator) involved directly or let it spread false information intentionally, he will be punished," Gilani added.

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