Scientists invents a material that can heal your phones broken or cracked screen

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 Having a broken or cracked screen is one of the major problems that smartphone users face today, not minding the OS. A self healing screen is what most smartphone users have longed for and it seems there is something of such in the offing.

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 Researchers at the University of California at Riverside have invented a phone screen material that can heal itself. According to BusinessInsider, the researchers have conducted several tests on the material to see its ability to repair itself and it worked. 

"After they tore the material in half, it automatically stitched itself back together in under 24th hours," BusinessInsider said.

 The material used in conducting this is made of an ionic salt and a stretchable polymer that has a special type of bond called an ion-dipole interaction which is a force between charged ions and polar molecules. The charged ions and polar molecules attract themselves to heal the your screen each time its broken. This technology is similar to the one used on the LG G Flex device.

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  "This is the first time scientist have created a self-healing material that can conduct electricity, making it especially useful for use for cellphone screens and batteries," Chao Wang who is the chemist leading the research told BusinessInsider. 

 Wang predicts that by 2020, the self healing material will already be used for phone screens and batteries.

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