ISP's can now sell your internet activity without your consent! Use this to protect your Data

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 The US Senate last week Wednesday voted to decide whether to dismiss the broadband rules that states that Internet Service Providers (ISP) are to get permission before selling users data.

 The senators took it to a vote with 50 republicans voting for the broadband rules to be dismissed whereas 48 Democrats voted for the rules to be retained. These privacy laws were created by the FCC (U.S Federal Communication Commission) but US Internet Service Providers argued that the existing FCC's rule favored the likes of Facebook, Google, Bing etc while they (the ISPs) were restricted from getting the same privileges.

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What Does This mean?
 The US President Donald Trump, on Monday signed the privacy rules which means that ISPs won't need your permission to sell your sensitive data. I know some people would be like "but how does this affect me any," below we look at a few.

1. Sharing of your personal Data with Government agencies:
When ISPs log your online activities, the data may be accessed by outside organisations like the Police department, CIA etc when they provide a subpoena, legally telling your ISP to provide any information they have on you.

2. Worse than a Spyware:
Some ISPs are even worse than a spyware. Lets take Verizon which is an American ISP for example. Verizon inserted "Supercookies" into their customer mobile browser so as to keep tracking them even when they were not using the internet provided by Verizon. Thanks to FCC, Verizon were fined and ever since agreed to notify users about cookies and give the option to opt out to avoid Verizon tracking their data. 

3. Data Breach:
Data breaches these days has become so common that its an everyday occurrence. Think of the outcome when one of these data breaches happens to your ISP. The blow would be massive, your browser history, bank login credentials used on the web, saved passwords and logins and a whole lot would be at stake. Others might even clone your profile to scam your friends, the risks are endless.

4. Marketing Purposes:
Selling of users data is one other thing that ISPs are notoriously known for. ISPs log users web activities and then sell them off to advertising firms and companies for marketing purposes. 

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5. Feeling of insecurity: 
No one likes to be monitored. Would you want your boss to know how actively you are always online looking for a job? or would you want your family to know about the sites that you visit in secret which they would never approve? The feeling you get is different when you know that there's someone in dark who is constantly monitoring your online activities and can decide to do what ever they feel with your data. 

How to Fix this?
The easiest way to fix this is to get the service of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to shield you from the hands of your ISP and Cybercriminals. You can click here for a comprehensive list of VPNs that would protect you and computer device from the hands of your ISP.

Your data should be your own private stuff and not another persons weapon against you or a tool for making money.

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  1. That's true goood post thanks for the notice when are u going to drop the cellc trick for subscribtion of whatsapp

  2. Yeah, a vpn for example is the ideal solution. it can protect our Internet connection, make us anonymous online and hence protect our privacy

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