Over 4,000 WordPress Sites infected with malware Via fake Plugin

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 About 4,000 WordPress websites have been reportedly infected with malware that masquerades as a search engine optimization plugin so as to attract unsuspecting webmasters.

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 According to SiteLock, the fake plugin which is called WP-Base-SEO creates a backdoor to the victims sites once its activated. The fake Plugin which is based on a legitimate SEO module is usually overlooked during security scans and so its usually easily for to get her victims, especially those who are head-bent on boosting their internet traffic.

 Sitelock says the Cyberhacker is on the prowl, searching for outdated WordPress plugins most especially those running the RevSlider plugin. The attackers target is focused more here because a large portion of WordPress sites still runs on the outdated version of RevSlider.

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 WordPress has always been a frequent target by hackers. WordPress users had suffered several cases whereby sites running RevSlider were compromised, some users even had ransomware installed (Neutrino exploit Kit).

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