Newly discovered flaw crashes Windows system

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A Russian researchers have found a flaw that crashes the Microsoft Windows Operating System (Windows 8, 8.1, 7 and Vista which no longer has update support from Microsoft).

 According to the researcher, Anatolymik, the flaw allow malicious users to load an image file with the name "$MFT" in the directory using a website. The Windows OS crashes the moment the browser attempts to load the $MFT file.

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 The cause?
 The $MFT is the master file that is found on all NTFS volumes and the most important file on a disk partition as it tracks all files on the volume, their locations on the drive and the folders, and responsible for all sort of file metadata. 

The problem lies with the $MFT which doesn't allow users to open the file which for obvious reasons, is trying to prevent users from ruining their data accidentally. The hangs and the only way for the user to gain access to the PC is by resetting it.

 This issue doesn't affect Windows 10 users

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