University Student hacks school computer, changes grade from F to B


 An engineering student from the university of central Florida, U.S. was last week Wednesday arrested by the Police for hacking into the University's system to change his grades.

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 The student, Mr. Samir Adel Ammar, 22, was accused by his professor for tampering with his grades. According to the professor, Ammar "had only completed one assignment the entire semester" but yet his name stood out because he changed his grades from F to B.

 The Police investigated and found the IP address of the computer system which was hacked by Ammar to change his grades. A video Surveillance shows Ammar and another person at the place where the grades were changed.

 So far Ammar is in custody of the police and currently stays in the Orange County jail but the identity of the second person is yet to be unraveled.

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