Female hacker breaks into CEO email, steals $52,000

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  A Canadian woman accused of  stealing $52,000 Canadian dollars in an email hack have been arrested by the Canadian Police and labeled with 12 different charges from money laundering, theft, identity fraud, stolen data and a whole lot of others.

  According to Bleeping Computers, the female suspect, Tamika White, a 30 year old woman from Calgery, Alberta had  hacked into the email address of the CEO of a local company where she redirected $52,000 Canadian Dollars to her own bank account. The suspect left her trace which investigators then used in tracing it to her bank account after six months of investigation.

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 The Canadian Police stormed the suspect home on May 19 and found evidence which then led to her arrest. The suspect is to stand trial in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she is to face all 12 charges labelled against her.

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