Microsoft is paying you to use Bing search

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Microsoft is trying to make Bing "Great again" by introducing its reward program aimed at rewarding users that uses the Bing search.

 This reward program which has been running in the U.S. since August 2016 is set to be released in the United Kingdom. Users who partake in this reward program will earn points each time they make use of Bing search. This points can be redeemed to get Xbox gift card, free movies, Skype credit, Groove music passes, etc.

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 Microsoft explains that users can earn 3 points by making a big search on Bing and a maximum of 30 points per day. However, a user can exceed the 30 point limit and increase it to 60 points per day when they make use of the Edge browser. Participants can earn more points by partaking in several quizzes as seen here.

 Users can increase their daily points to 150 points per day when they exceed 500 points in a month to reach the second level which will earn them more reward points.

Microsoft in the previous year had rolled out a reward program in the U.S. which it paid users for using their Edge browser. Microsoft plans to extend this reward program to Canada, France and Germany.

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