Raid: XP Psiphon free unlimited internet trick on MTN Cyprus 2017

 Todays free internet trick is for mtn Cyprus. Techfoe readers in Cyprus on the mtn network can benefit from this trick while its still on.

 The trick for today makes use of XP Psiphon to give users free internet on the Android and windows platform. You dont need any data or call credit unit for this to work, the setup is as easy as ABC. You dont need any technical know-how for it. Just follow the procedures and enjoy the free internet trick while it lasts. Just remember to drop your comments.

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1. Your  MTN Cyprus Simcard
2. An Android device or PC
3. You simcard shouldn't have any data or credit balance so as to prove that this trick works
4.  XP Psiphon v7
5. The free configuration file

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1. First click here to download XP Psiphon V7 for android
2. Click below to download any of the free internet configuration files
   Link 1,   Link 2
3. Install the app and then open it
4. Click on the right top icon to reveal a list of selection
5. Now scroll down and select "import configuration"
6. From your downloaded items, search for the configuration that you downloaded and then click on it to upload.  
7. When you are done uploading, then click on connect to start enjoying free unlimited internet!

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Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for any of your actions, Techfoe only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

Remember to drop your comments below!  

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  1. Why does the link want us to enter a competition

  2. Awaiting Zambia configuration....

  3. I cant download the config. Have to complete the survey. Pls help ��

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