55 Speed and Red-Light Cameras infected by WannaCry Ransomware in Australia

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 Fifty-five speed and red light cameras located in the Australian state of Victoria suffered a WannaCry ransomware attack.

  According to a local radio station AW3, the incident took place last week during maintenance operations when one of the operator plugged an infected USB to the devices which were all running on Window OS. The ransomware infected the devices but couldn't spread to others because the cameras weren't connected to the internet nor were they connected to each other.

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 The cameras continued to function despite the infection, although they constantly rebooted almost every minutes.

 A spokesperson for the Victoria and Regulation Department confirmed the incident on Monday while assuring that the virus would be removed, the official said camera maintenance workers had installed patches to prevent the ransomware from taking root.

 "A system patch has been applied, which prevents the spread of the virus," the official told AW3. "The Department is in the process of removing the virus from the affected cameras. the remaining sites will be rectified in the next couple of days."

 The hacked cameras belongs to RedFlex, a government contractor.

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