Rogue-Admin Deletes All Customer Data and Wipes Servers of Dutch Hosting Provider

Pappi Hex

An ex-administrator of a Netherland based KVM and VPS service provider, Verelox, went rogue deleting all customer data files and at the same time wiping most of the servers.

 According to bleepingComputers, the company’s website and servers went offline and later came back online the next day with a message informing users of the damage done by the ex-administrator.

 In a bid to recover the lost data, the hosting provider had to shut down all their servers although staffs says chances of recovering all the lost data is dime. The company promises compensation for users who still retain their services. No customer will be billed during the service downtime.

 The company has provided an email address where users can inquire about the status of their data. Verelox is advising users to change their passwords.

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