UK hacker exploits online bank loophole to steal £100,000

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A UK court has convicted a man for hacking into a bank using a loophole he discovered to steal roughly £100,000.

 The accused, James Ejankowski, 24, was accused of defrauding Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group in December 2016 of more than £99,000. According to the Teesside Evening Gazette, Ejankowski discovered that if he used the Clydesdale bank's online banking software to transfer funds between his current account and his savings account between midnight and 1am, the transaction would work and the bank would not find out.

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 Prosecutors said that he used his partner Charlotte Slater Natwest account to channel £53,399, gave £2,000 to his aunt and 1,362 to his father in-law while he used the remaining balance to get a BMW, a Range Rover and tattoos for his face.

 Prosecutors said the suspect who is unemployed lied to his family that he had won the money on a scratch card.

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Ejankowski turned himself into the police on boxing day, four weeks after he committed the act, he admitted the guilt saying he had only £40 left. He has been sentenced to 16 months imprisonment for fraud while his partner received a suspended sentence over her role in supporting him in crime.

 So far the bank has been able to recover £34,000

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