Bupa suffers data breach, over 500,000 customer data affected

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  Bupa has announced that an employee inappropriately copied and removed data of 547,000 international health insurance customers.

  Customer information that were affected during the breach includes nationalities, date of birth, names, some contacts and administrator information but not financial or medical data.

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 According to an online statement, Bupa explained that data relating to 108,000 international insurance plans were taken and that they belonged to customers whose policy names begin with "BI". They assured British customers of their data safety but said that those who purchased plans for abroad could be affected in the breach.

 The managing director of Bupa Global, Sheldon Kenton gave assurance that a thorough investigation was underway and that the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and other UK regulators were informed. 

 so far the private healthcare firm says the employee responsible has been dismissed and that appropriate legal actions have been taken.

  The firm says that they have contacted affected customers and informed the of the breach. The firm also wrote tips for their customers to use in identifying scams and fraudulent phishing tactics employed by cyber-criminals.

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