Site owner busted for engaging over 87 thousand people in Child Porn in the Dark Web

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The police authorities have shut down a Dark Web website notoriously known for engaging people in child pornography. This bust is tagged as the second biggest this year.

 According to German police, the website which is known as "Elysium" has over 87,000 members who exchange explicit images of children, toddlers all being subjected to physical and sexual abuse. The German police said the members also used the platform to arrange for meeting places where they abused children.

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 The site was operated by a 39-year-old man from Hesse region of Germany and was arrested on June 12, 2017 during a raid on his apartment where a server was seized by the police. The suspects site was shut down the next day and several other suspects have been arrested.

A visit to the site returns an error
 The police provides scant information about the suspect but say that the site had most members from Germany and Austria. 

 Some months back online hacktivist Anonymous took down over 10,000 websites in the Dark Web for hosting child pornography. Those websites accounted for over 20% of the Dark Web.

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