Free Unlimited internet trick on Claro Argentina

Pappi Hex

 Guys its another free unlimited internet trick on Argentina Claro network. This free internet trick works for all OS users depending on how the user wants to configure it.

 The configuration for this tick is quite simple and can work on most tunnelers like the Psipjon VPN, Open VPN, QueenCee VPN, XP Psiphon VPN etc or even the use of a proxy extension too can do the trick. Kindly follow the below procedures and enjoy the trick!

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1. A Claro Argentina Simcard with zero data balance
2. An Android, iPhone device, PC or whatever OS platform that has a tunneling app.
3. You can use QueenCee VPN, Psiphon VPN or OpenVPN
4. Patience

1. Use the the default access point settings
2. Click here to download Psiphon VPN or use any other tunneling app that you feel ok with
3. Install and then open it
4. Now configure the tunneling app this way:
     Port: 8080
5. Now connect your tunneler and enjoy free unlimited internet trick!

  Remember to drop your comments below.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for any of your actions, Techfoe only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.


iPhone and Android free unlimited internet trick, Psiphon free unlimited internet trick for PC users

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  1. hey man, anything for south african networks yet?

  2. Nice one Techfoe for this tweaks.
    You guys can also check our forum for Cote d'ivore and Nigerian latest freenet tweaks and many other on Loyalteams forum

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