New Firefox Feature Will Warn Users When Visiting A hacked Website

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  Just weeks after Mozilla launched its Firefox Quantum browser, a browser that is twice as fast as previous Firefox and Google browsers, Mozilla is adding another great feature to the Firefox browser.

 Mozilla and Have I Been Pwned are joining forces to create a new feature that notifies users of the Firefox browser when they visit a website that has been affected by any hack or breach.

Dubbed 'Breach Alerts', the new feature will warn users if their credentials have been involved in a recent data on that site.

According to Mozilla, those pop-ups will carry a 'learn more' link which will take users to a support page containing more information regarding the breach. Breach Alerts will be offering Firefox users an opt-in-service to get notified of future data breaches through email.

"This is an addon that i'm going to be using for prototyping an upcoming feature in Firefox that notifies users when their credentials have been involved in a data breach," Mozilla developer Nihanth Subramanya wrote in his Github repository.

"I choose to make it legacy addon to make it easy to port into Mozilla-central in the future - it will likely involve window manipulation code."

Cybersecurity expert Troy Hunt confirmed on his Twitter page the partnership between Mozilla and Have I Been Pwned.

It is still not clear when the new feature will be rolled out to all Firefox user. However, users can download it from Github website.

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