Bitcoin Hits A New All Time High Of $18,353

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Bitcoin this morning recorded an all time high of $18,353.40 Thursday 1:54:13 UTC according to CoinMarketCap.

The cryptocurrency which saw a massive spike over a span of 72 hours kept catapulting from $12,000, $13,00 to $18,000. However, as at the time of this post, the cryptocurrecny had dropped to $15,323 as at 5:34:13 UTC just few hours after breaking a new record.

 Some controversies have followed the use of Bitcoin. Some analyst believe that the cryptocurrency isn't an ideal replacement of money and thus would eventually crash -- and users would count huge losses.

Others believe that the sudden rush and spike in the cryptocurrency's value is as a result of greed motivated by the fear of missing out.

Bitcoin is highly volatile, its value keep rising and falling as seen in the chart above. Techfoe would keep updating you for new developments.

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