Games Of Thrones Season 8 Scripts Leaked Online

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Earlier this year, in July, hackers broke in to the networks of HBO and stole over 1.5TB of data which included employee informations, scripts of several unreleased episodes of TV shows including Ballers, Room 104 and Games of Thrones.

 The hackers responsible for the hack demanded for nearly $6 million ransom in Bitcoin from HBO so as to prevent more leaks. However, HBO discreetly offered the hackers $250,000 as a "bounty payment reward" for discovering the vulnerabilities on the computers. The hackers didn't like the offer. Instead, they went on release more troves, including the home addresses and phones numbers belonging to some stars in the GOT, and also more released episodes of other TV show too. This hack greatly affected the whole of Games of Thrones season 7.

 Sometime in November this year, an Iranian was charged with the hack of HBO by US authorities, although the Iranian can't be prosecuted unless he leaves the shores of his country.

Well, season 8 of Games of Thrones is what we are all waiting for -- and like every other season of Games of Thrones, its very rare for it to be released without leaks.

According to DNA India, a Reddit users has posted four pages of the Games of Thrones season 8 script. The leaks includes 1 page from Episode 3, 2 pages from episode 5 and 1 page from episode 6. This leak can not be authenticated but can't be taken as fake either. In the past, we 've seen so many leaks that have turned out to be real and as well as fake.

The Games of Thrones season 8 will premier in early 2019, so expect many more leaks and rumours.

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