This Android App From Snowden Turns Your Android Phone Into A Home Security

Pappi Hex

Edward Snowden has launched an android app called Haven that helps in monitoring users room while they aren't around.

This app turns your cheap Android device into a complete home security device once its installed on your phone. Haven work by using your phone's in-built hardware such as the microphone, cameras, accelerator and light sensors to monitor your room while you are away.

Haven will capture photos and audio of anyone entering your room, and then send everything to your primary device. The app also captures light disturbance such as a flash light. 

To protect the data send to and fro between the primary and secondary devices, Haven uses the secure messaging app called Signal to help in providing end-to-end encryption.

Users who aren't still satisfied with the encryption can configure the device to work with Orobot which will turn the phone into a TOR Onion service.

Click here to download the app which is availble for now in a beta state.

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