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TorGuard is a Caribbean based company in Nevis that offers VPN service. Launched in 2012, the company is focused at providing VPN and Proxy services for customers who wants them for security, P2P applications, bypassing Geo-restriction and many other purposes. Click here to read more on the uses of a VPN.

The name TorGuard do confuse many who think the VPN provider has something to do with the Tor Project though TorGuards says it has no affiliation with them. TorGuard which stands for Torrent Guard, suggests that Torrent seeders and leechers are also among the targeted audience by the VPN service provider.

 TorGuard advertises itself as the best VPN service provider, promising users of a safe and anonymous status when carrying out online activities. This VPN service also prides its self as the best VPN out there for torrent users -- with its specially optimized proxy for P2P file sharing.

 So is TorGuard what they claim to be? In this review we would be looking at TorGuards features, what they have to offer, what distinguishes them from other VPN service providers and if they are worth you hiring their service. By the end of this review, you would have had your answer.


First thing users look out for are the security options available. TorGuard uses a 128 - 256-bit AES encryption to provide a high standard level of security. There is also the 'Stealth proxy' option for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) bypass for users in countries like UAE, China, Iran, Syria or in any country where VPN protocols are heavily filtered by the government.

TorGuard VPN also block ads, live malware and also the VPN has an inbuilt leak protection against WebRTC, DNS and IPV6 leaks. Protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP are all supported by TorGuard VPN service.

Servers & location:
There are about 1600 servers in over 50 countries on the TorGuard network which provides enough option for people to choose from and achieve their wants.

Servers on TorGuard all provide shared IP addresses. Dedicated IP addresses are available only in Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, France, Finland, UK and the US.

TorGuard's basic proxy service has about 200 servers in eight countries with an unlimited bandwidth usage on their servers. These servers offer subscribers plenty of choice and should well suite those who either want the full VPN or the browser extension service.

Supported Platforms:

Compatible platforms includes Windows, Mac, Android, Linux  and iOS so you shouldn't have no worry because these are the major OS platforms.

TorGuard also has official support for VPN routers like DDWRT, Tomato and pfsense firewall. Theres also proxy support for web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

TorGuard VPN privacy policy states that the VPN service provider keeps no connection logs. However, for the fact that the VPN service provider is a registered US company, many might be having second thoughts about their personal info as seen with Pure VPN who handed over customer information to US authorities.

TorGuard 'No Lo Policy' simply means that they don't keep log of users activities and so there wouldn't be any user's activities or to hand over to government authorities if they come asking. TorGuard only keeps customer billing information. However, customers can still use Bitcoin to signup and then give out wrong information.

Help & Support:
TorGuard VPN has a 24/7 tech support team that attends to customers and even non-subscribers who have inquiry to make regarding heir services.

Support medium includes a 24/7 live chat which is available for customers and non-customers, Phone support, user forums, FAQ and guides to help users quickly resolve problems.

 While writing this review, i decided to try TorGuards live chat and see how fast and efficient their customer service rep were. So i messaged their live support, aggressively demanding for a refund as i pretended to act as an angry customer. I didn't get an instant reply but got a mail response (maybe many customers were queued up waiting to be attended to).

I was aggressive in chats (i wanted to test them) but was surprised to find the technical staff knowledgeable, friendly and coherent in answering my questions despite how cumbersome i made it look. I applaud them for that.

Pricing Plans & Payment Method:
All plans on ToGruard provides the same level of service and subscribers get huge discount when they go for a long term subscription. Click here to access TorGuards their VPN subscription packages.

TorGuards VPN subscription:
1 Month = $9.99
3 Months = $19.99 (You get to pay $6.66 per month)
6 Months = $29.99 (You get to pay $5.00 per month)
1 Year = $59.99 ( Still $5.00 per month)

All the above listed plans allows up to 5 different device connections with the service which is good for securing all your household devices such as your smart phones, tablets, and computers. You can however, add more device(s) to your plan for a fee of $1. This well suites families who have lots of devices.

Making payments  on TorGuard should be an issue because the company offers several forms of payment types such as Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, Amex, Alipay Giftcards, CashU, Discover, PaySafeCard and many other means. Buyers gets a 7-day trial period in which they can cancel their subscription and get a full refund.

TorGuard gives users an anonymous email account with free 10mb of encrypted email storage for when they subscribe to any VPN package.

TorGuard has certain servers that are optimized and dedicated for torrenting so as to keep other servers free for faster browsing and streaming.
allows up to 5 devices

TorGuard offers a satisfactory service ranging from light web users to heavy users. There are so many options to choose from. Good customer support, Speed, No log policy and many other features in this VPN are the things to look out for when choosing a VPN service provider.

This VPN might not be the best out there, but it sure serves and worth going for it.

Guys you can let me know your experience or opinion regarding TorGuard VPN. My opinion shouldn't cluster yours!

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