27 Malware Infected Gaming Apps Found On The Play Store With Over 4 Million Downloads!

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The Android OS is a beautiful mobile operating system with lots of functionality and features to make any phone lover fall in love with it. But one major problem that has been ravaging the OS is the heavy presence of malware floating around the platform.

 Another problem is the rate in which these malware apps find their way into the Play Store. Google on its own part does its best (at least that's what i think)  to take down those malware infected apps. However, sometimes they completely ignore some of those apps even when security researchers have alerted them of their malicious activities.

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Security researchers at Russian cybersecurity company Dr.Web have discovered a dangerous Android malware hidden in several gaming apps on the Play Store. This malware steals users data by conducting several phishing attacks.

According to the researchers, the malware which they dubbed as Android.RemoteCode.127.origin was found in 27 games on the Play Store, and the apps were downloaded over 4,500,000 times!

The researchers explained that the moment the malware infects a user, the malware would then discreetly open horde of malicious websites and automatically click on its content (Such as banners, links) by downloading a script from the command and control server. This part explained is to generate revenue for the criminals.

Next, the malware would then spam the user with advertisements, download other malicious apps and then perform phishing activities so as to steal the users bank and other credentials.

Just recent, Google kicked about 60 apps from the Play Store that were serving P0rn Ads to their users. Google had initiated several bounty programmes in the past, one of which is the programme that rewards security researchers for each bounty discovered in popular apps on the Play Store.

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