iPhone Battery Explodes After Man Bites It To Check If Its Original

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Why would you use your teeth to check for something's authenticity? Well, it would be ok to check for gold's genuity, but who in his right thinking mind would bite a cell battery to verify if its original.

According to Sina Tech, a man in China who went into a computer store to buy an iPhone battery. In other to verify if the iPhone battery that he wanted to buy was genuine, the man then bite the battery! Seriously, who does that?

 Did the battery pass the test? yes the battery passed the test with flying colours as it exploded in the mans face.

The incident was caught by the store's CCTV camera. In the video, the man bite the battery and a few seconds later, the battery exploded. The man was, however, lucky as he had already taken the battery out of his mouth.

Nobody was hurt physically hurt in the incident. but the video shows a woman who was standing close by to be heavily stunned by the sound the battery generated when it exploded.

Some many Apple users are changing their iPhone battery -- all thanks to Apple's reduction of the iPhone's battery which came after Apple was accused of slowing down iPhones with older batteries. Apple made the batteries cheaper so as to recompense their customers.

iPhone users can easily have their iPhone batteries swapped at an Apple store or an authorised outlet so as to avoid the situation whereby you have to use your canine to taste for the batteries genuity.

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