Indian Man Orders For iPhone 8 But Instead Receives Soap Bar

Pappi Hex

When shopping online, Its strongly recommended that you stick to trusted e-commerce websites and always ensure to check any goods that you 've ordered upon receipt of the item.

A software engineer in India ordered for an iPhone 8 but instead received a detergent bar wrapped in a box, after paying the sum of RS 55,000 which should be around $856.900. This incident happened on January 22.

Tabrej Mehaboob Nagrali, 26, resident of Panvel in Maharashtra, filled a cheating case with the police against Flipkart, the retailer of the product.

"Nagrali approached us with a complaint yesterday, and an offence of cheating was registered against Flipkart,"Senior Police Inspector, Avinash Shingte said.

Flipkart has said that they are investigation the incident and hope to resolves it.

"Flipkart observe a zero-tolerance policy on all incidents that impact customer trust. It is of utmost importance to us to ensure the best possible online shopping experience for our customers. We are currenlty investigating the incident and will resolve the matter at the earliest," A Flipkart spokesperson said.

Last year, a woman ordered for an iPhone during the Black Friday sales but instead received two potatoes in the iPhoine pack plus an android charger.

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