US State's Marijuana Dealer Database Hacked, Copies Of Weed Shipments Stolen

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 Unknown hacker(s) have breached the data systems used in keeping records of the sales and manufacture of marijuana, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) said.

According to the statement, the WSLCB said that an intruder over the weekend was able to exploit a vulnerability in one of its machines to access Leaf Data Systems, which Washington uses to keep record on the manufacture and movement of cannabis.

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"A computer vulnerability was exploited on Saturday, allowing unauthorized access to the traceability system", WSLCB said. "There are indications an intruder downloaded a copy of the traceability database and took action that caused issues with inventory transfers for some users."

 The statement explained that the breach was the cause for the sudden shortage of weed earlier this week after the Leaf Data system went down and left shop owners unable to track their shipments. At that time, it this was thought to be a just a 'glitch'.

 "We believe this was the root cause of the transfer/manifest issue experienced between Saturday and Monday," the statement read.

The Leaf system is used to keep track on the movement of marijuana from growers and suppliers. It works this way; growers and merchants upload information including planned shipments and movements of crops between various points in the chain of custody as the product moves from farm to wholesale and finally the shops.

Stolen data includes information on shipments set to take place between February 1 and 2 of 2018, including route manifest information, vehicle ID and license plate number.

 Individual driver information such as the name and drivers license were safe as they were not stored on the compromised database. 

However, the manifest data that was stolen during the breach is considered to be sensitive.

So far, those behind the attack are still unknown nor the motive behind the attack.

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