Equifax Reveals An Additional 2.4 million Americans Impacted By 2017 Date Breach

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New revelations from Equifax says an additional 2.4 million customers were affected by last year's massive data breach which impacted over 143 million Americans.

Equifax made the announcement on Thursday saying the additional 2.4 million customers affected had less personal information stolen.

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According to the company, the additional customers had only their names and a partial driver's license stolen by the hackers. However, the hackers were unable to get the state where the license was issued, the date of issuance and its expiration date.

Equifax said that they were able to find the additional 2.4 million American by cross referencing names with partial driver's licennse numbers using both internal and external data sources. These latest addition to be included in the breach were, iniitially, not found in the breach as the company had focused its investigation team on customers with Social Security number.

Reason for focusing more on those having Social Security number is due to the fact that it is one of the most targeted items for identity theft.

The lastes figure and other additions now puts the figure at roughly 147.9 million Americans to be impacted by the breach which makes the largest data breach of personal information till date.

Equifax would reach out to those affected and provide credit monitoring and identity theft protection to the latest addition, same way as they did with those announced last year.

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