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Google recently removed the view image button from her image search results due to an agreement between Google and Getty Image.

This "view image" button. according to Google, was removed so as to prevent people from downloading copyrighted images. This decision has driven so many Google users who are used to the feature nuts. But don't worry, we will be showing you guys workaround to the view button in this article.

View image in a new tab:    
When you search using Google's image, click on the image that you want to see view or download. Now right click on the image and then you will see a list of options. Scroll and select 'view image in new tab' and the image would be opened in the new tab. Now you can decide if you want to download or just view it.

Make use of the View Image Chrome extension:
Those who want to use the first procedure can as well use this option. This View Image extension was made for Chrome and Opera browsers, and it adds the "Search by Image" and 'View Image' buttons back to Google's Image search result page.

This extension saves you the stress of right-clicking blah blah blah on every image to view it in the next tab. You can find it here.

The Google Search "View Image" Button extension:
This is another view image extension that should act as an alternative to the first extension mentioned. This extension also brings back the "view image" button. However, the choice of selecting between the first and second extension lies with the users' preference.

Click here to get the extension

Use another search engine:
Alternatively, you can use Microsoft's Bing Image Search which still has a view button and offers more options that allow you to save images, find related images and even search within images.

Another search engine that would also be of help is the Startpage Picture Search.

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