Google Is Permanently Killing Its Shortening Service

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Internet giant Google has announced that it will be shutting down its URL shortening service.

Google's URL shortener ( is widely used by millions of people to help reduce the length of URL that is too long. The URL service by Google allows users to not only shorten links but also monitor clicks on all links that have been shortened using the service. 

According to Google's developer's team who made the announcement, the URL shortening service will be shut down next year by March 30, 2019, which is exactly one as to when the announcement was made.

Google says that the closing process will begin in April, though links created so far will still remain active.The tech giant went on to say that those who have never used the service, or those who have used the service anonymously will no longer be able to use it again after April 13. 

However, those who use the service will still continue to do.

Google has explained that the closure of its shortening service is intended to promote the use of the Firebase Dynamic link service. This service with the same link accesses different locations but depending on the device you access.

Ever since Google started its URL shortening service in 2009, many people have benefitted from the free service rendered. There are still other free URL shortening service like, etc which offers an excellent service.

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