New Firefox Monitor Tool Will Inform Users When They Suffer Any Hack

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Some time last year in November, Mozilla developer Nihanth Subramanya announced that Mozilla Foundation will be partnering with (HIBP) to create a new tool that will notify users of Firefox browsers when they visit a website that has affected by any hack or data breach.

Have I Been Pwned is a popular website that does notify of data breaches. This partnership between Firefox and HIBP will see the data breach website notify Firefox users if the browser that they are visiting has been involved in any data breach or whether the Firefox users login credentials have been involved in any hack.

According to a announcement made by Mozilla, the company said that they have launched a website called The Firefox Monitor that will alert users if their email address has been leaked online or was part of a data breach. Apart from its partnership with HIBP, the company says that it is also in partnership with Cloudfare.

"We've worked closely with HIBP and Cloudfare to create a method of anonymized data sharing for Firefox Monitor, which never sends your full email address to a third party, outside of Mozilla," a blog post by Mozilla read.

This development is a welcome development by Firefox, and will keep users notified when visiting a compromised website. However, this development is bad news for website owners since they will forced to spend heavily upgrading their security.

So far, the project is still under development and Mozilla is hinting to invite not less than 250,000 users next week to take advantage of the the service.

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