Aww! Sony Accidentally Uploads Entire Movie on YouTube Instead Of The Trailer!!

Pappi Hex

A trailer is a preview for a movie that will be exhibited in the future at a cinema. Well, Sony Pictures own definition of trailer might not be the same definition i gave above.

Sony Pictures has uploaded **coughs** accidentally, uploaded an entire movie onto YouTube and then labelled it a trailer!

According to, Sony Pictures accidentally uploaded an entire movie called Khali the Killer on YouTube instead of a trailer called the Red Band. The 89 minutes and 46 seconds movie was uploaded on YouTube on July 03 and then went live for eight hours before it was taken down.

Khali the Killer YouTubes views clocked over 11,000 views within those 8 hours that the movie was uploaded.

Whats interesting about this whole incident is that the movie is still available on a rental basis on YouTube itself.

Khali the Killer was directed by Jon Matthews. The movie stars Richard Cabral who plays the lead role of a hitman whose final job goes sideways when he happens to develop empathy towards the intended victims.

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