China Opens 2nd Internet Court, Third Court To Open Later this Month

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Have ever taught of a place to table your Internet-related complaints or disputes? a place like an Internet police or court. Well, Chinese has not one but two Internet courts that are dedicated to resolving citizens Internet-related disputes and complaints.

The two Internet courts are mean't to oversea online disputes related to domains, business transactions, intellectual property, personal information, and online shopping.

According to China's government-run news agency website, Xinhuanet, the commonly received cases in the country includes service contracts, lending, copy right infringement cases, domains, etc.

The first Internet court opened in 2017 in Hangzhou, and now another one has been opened in Beijing's Zhonnuancum Fengtai Science Park.

 According to Zhang Wen, president of the Internet court, there are 38 judges with 10 years trial experience presiding over the court in Beijing's Zhonnuancum Fengtai Science Park. Complaints can reach the court 24 hours a day via digital litigation platform.

Proceedings of cases from lawsuit filing to meditation, hearing, and judgment announement can be accessed online. Appeals can be lodged and heard by an intermediate court or a special court as the intellectual property court.

"We strive to make it easier for people to file a suit, boost tria efficiency, while maintaining impartiality and system safety," Zhang said.

The vice president of Beijing Higher People's Court, An Fengle, said the number of Internet-related cases is on the rise since the past three years. The court tried about 37,631 cases just in the first eight months of 2018, which is 24.4% more than the ones received last year during the same period.

China which is home to over 800 million Internet users will see a third Internet court opened in Guangzhou later this month.

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