Here Is The Reason Why This Crazy Apple Fan Threw His New iPhone XS Max Over 30ft

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What would you do when you get your hands on any of the newly released iPhones? Well, some will take selfie pictures, others would take their time to admire the phones beauty while others might take the day off just to explore the device.

However, i don't think any of you in his or her right frame of mind will throw any of the new iPhones over 30ft after months of waiting for it!! well, not unless you are James Griffith, co-founder and CEO of Mous, a London-based start-up that makes unbreakable phone cases.

The London-based start-up is known for making tough phone cases, all thanks to Airoshock, a material specially deigned by Mous to offer phone the required protection needed.

The Mous team are known for pulling crazy stunts to demonstrate how durable the phone covers are. From hammering a nail onto a new screen protector or dropping their product from a helicopter, there's no limit to whatever test they can carry out.

The Mous team traveled to Sydney and camped outside the Apple store so as to be among the first to get the new iPhone and carry out a durability test on the phone covers. Shortly after purchasing the new Apple products, the mous team covered the Apple products with their casing and then performed some tests which included throwing the phone in the air, using them to hammer nails into a piece of wood.

All these tests performed were nothing compared to the test carried out in the Sydney Opera House. Griffith threw the case-clad iPhone down the 40 steps leading up to the opera house, a distance thats about 30 ft and the phone came out unscathed, all thanks to the well powerfully crafted case.

"Our cases only add 2.5mm to the phone's thickness, and to be protective they have to fit exactly; the fit has to accurate to 1/10th of a millimetre, or about the thickness of a human hair," The Standard quoted Mous co-founder and head of brand, Lucy Hutchinson.

Its pretty amazing how the Mous team manages to create the iPhone cases using guesses since Apple is well known for keeping new devices specs and everything surrounding it secret until launch day.

"We observer Apple's deign trends and rumours  obsessively. But at the end of the day we really won't know until the day of the launch," Griffith said.

"It's really nerve-wrecking. We've invented tens of thousands of dollars into building this machinery to build tens of thousands of phone cases, and until the day the new iPhones launch we can't be 100% sure whether they will fit."

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