How To Control Your PC or Mac Using iPhone or Android Smartphone

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Have you ever wondered if you could remotely access documents or files from your PC or Mac with your smartphone? Yes of course! In todays tutorial, i will be teaching you guys how to use the Remote Desktop Connection feature to achieve this.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, i want you to know that the Remote Desktop Connection feature makes use of the Remote Desktop Protocol which is simply known as RDP so as to allow users to control or manage the host machine remotely over the Internet or on your local network. Now that you know this, lets proceed with the tutorial.

1. For this to work, the user must be running the latest version of Google Chrome on your host machine. Click here to update your Chrome if it isn't up to date.
2. The Chrome Remote Desktop application must be installed on your smartphone.
3. Both the remote device and the host are to have Internet access (connected to the Internet)

I will explain two methods in which you will be able to access your computer system remotely.

Method 1: Chrome Extension Method

1. First, you need to have the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your device be it Android or iOS. However, if you don't have it, search for it on your respective app stores and download. Android users should click here for it.
2. Open Google Chrome on your PC or Mac
3. Download and install 'Chrome Remote Desktop' extension.
4. Now type chrome://apps in the address bar and the press the enter key
5. Click on the Chrome Remote Desktop icon to open it
6. Next click on Get started from My Computers' section
7. Note that the extension will automatically download a file, install it
8. When you are done with the installation, return back to the extension and click on Enable Remote Connections
9. Now setup a new PIN for your connection and then click OK
10. From your smartphone, open the app and then tap on the PC name.
11. Authenticate the connection using the PIN that you used on your PC or Mac from number 9 of the tutorial.

Method 2: Remote Desktop Website Method

1. Open Google Chrome and then visit
2. Click on Remote Access option
3. Click on Turn On button to start the process
4. Now choose a new name for your computer or simply use the existing if theres any.
5. Click on Next and set up a new PIN for the connection
6. Click on the Start button
7. Download and install Chrome Remote Desktop app from your respective app stores and download.
8. Now open the app and tap on Computer name
9. Enter the PIN to establish the connection.

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