New Apple Devices Will Use The Same USB Cables Used On Android Phones

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With just some few days left to Apple's unveiling of its new brand set of iPhone devices, new report suggests the Cupertino company has future plans to use USB-C cables on iPhone.

According to Japanese site Macotakara, Apple told its partners at the "Made for iPhone" program that they will be able to sell licensed USB-C-To_lightning cables in the future. Photos of the cables were made available, and from the photos one could see the packaged USB-C cables with Apple logo on it.

Last month, we reported how the European Regulators were undecided to take action and force mobile phone manufacturers to use a common mobile phone charger.

For over a decade now, the EU regulators have been pushing for this move due to the heavy e-waste caused by these accessories. According to the EU regulators, over 51,000 tons of electronic waste comes out of the EU as a result of old mobile chargers and cables.

Virtually all Android flagship device have adopted the USB-C chargers, even the latest Macbooks too are using USB-C as well. However, all the iPhone models are still stuck with the Lightning port it introduced in 2012, no one have adopted the USB-C yet.

The report from Macotakara said that the branded Apple cables will deloiver 18 watts of power which is exactly what the iPhone is capable of handling. Some Android devices handle up to 40 watts of power...making its their charging time twice faster.

Though this report shows that Apple is closer to switching to the USB-C, the new set of iPhone's that will be unveiled on the 12th of September will still be using the Lightning cable.


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