Android Users Can Control Their Phone Hands-Free With Google Voice Access

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Google has released an app that allow Android users to control their device with out having to physically touch or operate it.

The app which is called Voice Access was released by the Internet giant to help people who cannot access their device touch screen due to certain chronic or temporary reasons access their phone with only voice commands.

Actions that can performed on the Voice Access app includes; navigating through apps, compose and editing text, talking to Google Assistant, and also the ability to create gestures with certain voice commands

According to Google Patrick Clary, Product manager, Central accessibility Team, Google:

 "When using the Voice Access, you can compose and edit a text measure hands free by saying 'Ok Google,' and open your favourite app with the 'open' command. Then, select the text field by speaking the number Voice Access displays next to it. After saying your message out loud, like 'would you like to meet for lunch tomorrow?' you can edit the text using phrases like 'replace tomorrow with Saturday' to change the way you want to meet." 

Google explained that the Voice Assistant app is focused towards users with issues such as sclerosis, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, Spinal cord injury and other disabilities. The Internet giant also made it known that the app can also be of help to those who are busy and can't use their hands at that moment to operate their device. Such as people in the kitchen, those jogging, or those whose hands have been occupied in one way or the other.

Those interested in the app can download it from the Google Play Store and then go to settings - Accessibility and then turn on the Voice Access switch. For those who just downloaded the app, a setup walk through and tutorial on how to use the app will be shown to the user.

To take advantage of the Voice Access app, users will need to activate the 'Ok Google' command so that it can be called upon anytime without having to press the home key. Find a list of Google's voice commands here.

The Voice Access app has been available since April 2016 in a beta state, and the Voice Access s available globally in English for now. However, Google said that additional language support will be coming in the future.

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