Apple Hires Police To Watch Over Stores Amid Robberies

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Apple has hired the police to guard its California stores following long months of continued heists where tens of thousands worth of Apple products have been stolen.

Image credit: CDS Sacramento
According CBS Sacramento, Apple has contracted with the police to stand guard in its California stores so as to thwart any form of robbery. The police department said ever since the police began to stand guard in those store, there hasn't been any attempt or further robbery incident.

 These privately contracted policemen are to stand guard in Apple stores located in Roseville and Sacramento, and will be payed by Apple and not with tax payers money.

Over the past few months, there have been several incident where hooded thieves walks into Apple stores and start grabbing iPhones, iPads and Macbooks on display.

Last month, hooded gang of thieves robbed Apple stores in Burlingame, Santa Rosa (this store was robbed more than once!). stores located in Corte Madera, Walnut Creek, Valencia, Roseville, Thousand Oaks and so many other have been robbed.

According to ABC7News, "Since mid-may, there have been at least 21 of there run-and-grab thefts at Apple Stores in California. Losses are estimated to exceed $850,000 in the state since the start of 2018."

Though these Apple products stolen by these thieves are expensive, they can't are worthless because the products can be remotely deactivated. The thieves in turn will only sell them as parts to phone repairers for a very cheap amount.

However, the introduction of these policemen will kill off further planned attacks on those Apple stores.

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