Facebook Messenger Users Will Soon Get The "Unsend" Feature

Pappi Hex
For long, Facebook Messenger users have yearned for the unsend feature which enables users to unsend messages that were sent to other users on the platform.

This feature comes handy when Facebook Messenger users mistakenly send the wrong message to another user, or lets say you said something in a chat you regretted and wish to delete it. WhatsApp too introduced a similar feature on her platform, while those on Telegram have been enjoying the feature for long.

 According to Twitter user Wongmjane, Facebook has the "unsend" feature in works. This feature is pretty straight forward as seen on other messaging  platform.
When a user wants to delete a message sent in error or whatever reason they have, all they have to do is to long press on the message. From there several options will pop-up and the user will decide to delete it or unsend it. Deleting the message will remove it from the users side of the conversation alone, while unsending it will remove it from the receiver's end too

As it is on WhatsApp, users on Facebook Messenger won't be able to unsend the message after a certain amount of time.

Jane Wong explained that users will be able to unsend a message for a set amount of time after it has been sent. Users won't be able to unsend a message the morning after, nor will they be able to unsend a message after it has been viewed by the other.

For now, there isn't no information when this feature will be available  for Facebook Messenger user. We will just keep our fingers crossed and wait for the Facebook dev team to release it.

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