Google Has A Secret Text Adventure Game; Here's How To Access It

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Do you know that there's a full text adventure game hidden with Yes, there's a full text adventure game hidden within Google's Dev console and it's available to anyone... erm, only if you know how to find it.

Well, don't worry, we will show you how to find the hidden text game so that you can also join and be part of the fun which has been trending for some days now.

Discovered by Reddit user attempt_number_1, the game sees yo playing as a "big blue G" while you search for your other friends which are the remaining letters that make up the Google logo.

To go about this, first, you will need the right browser for it. Supported browsers includes; Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini and Microsoft Edge. Though the game works on the Edge browser, the text wrapping isn't right on it, and Safari browser doesn't support it. However, i will still recommend Google Chrome because the other browsers might give you error at any point.

After you've gotten the right browser, the next step is to Google the term "text adventure".

Once the search result comes out, on your Windows device hit Control+Shift+J while on Mac devices hit Command+Option+J to access the Dev console. The moment  you hit the command, you will see a message like "Would you like to play a game? (yes/no)"

Reply by typing Yes followed by the enter key. Now you will embark on an adventure as you explore Google campus trying to find the remaining letters of the search engine.

For those who don't know how to play a text world adventure game, it is simple and not difficult. To control your character, you simply type in commands to go through the puzzles and story. Commands likes "north," "south," "east," or |"west" will move you around, while commands like "grab" and "use" will let you interact with items.

I began the game and found myself in Google's headquarters in mountain View, California. While browsing around the environment, i got to a "large field" where i saw some "googlers playing ultimate frisbee and dodgeball."

In no time, "a horde of lost nooglers (new googlers) surrounds" me and begin to ask how to get around the place! well, i helped them out anyway.

The game is fun and very good for killing time. You should equally give it a try.

This game has now been included in Google's list of easter eggs on Wikipedia.


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