Here Are The Specs And Price Of The Newly launched Apple Mac mini

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Apple yesterday launched the Mac mini along side the new iPad Pros and MacBook Air with Retina Display.

The new Mac mini comes with a quad, 6 core and 8th generation Intel Core processors, an Apple T2 security Chip, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, two-USB-A, HDMI video and audio. The Mac mini has up to 64GB of faster memory, a 10GB Ethernet option and a high-performance storage that can accommodate up to 2TB.

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According to Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide marketing, Phillip Schiller. The new Mac mini "has more than five times the peformance, up to 6-core desktop-class processors, an Apple t2 Security Chip, faster memory up to 64GB, high-performance all-flash storage, and is packed with advanced ports including four Thunderbolt 3, two USB-A, HDMI video, audio and Ethernet up to 10Gbps. All of this power is packed into the same size enclosure as before, perfect for customers updating or creating all-new installations where Mac mini is the ideal solution."

The Mac mini is mostly preferred by people who have already have a monitor, keyboard and other accessories.

Schiller added, the "Mac mini is loved by customers for its ability to be used in incredibly diverse environments -- from casual desktop use, to live professional performance, to multiple Mac mini computers powering through video renderings and compiling software code, to racks of thousands in giant app build farm -- anywhere-but might Mac is needed to get the job done."

The Mac mini is available for pre-order for a starting price price of $799 and should be available November 7.

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