Huawei Launches A $60 AI Speaker In China With Its Own Virtual Assistant

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Huawei has launched a cheap AI speaker in a move to strengthen its stand in the smart speaker market.

The launch which took place in China during the Chinese smartphone maker's launch of the Huawei Mate 20 saw the release of other products which included a smart watch, and a wireless charger.

At first glance, one might mistake the smart speaker for an Apple HomePod when viewed or an Amazon Echo Dot (the Huawei smart speaker's design is a mixture of both the Apple HomePod and Amazon EchoDot architecture).

Unlike Huawei's Al Cube which runs on Google Virtual Assistant, the Huawei AI smart speaker was made strictly for the Chinese market and thus, is powered by Huawei's Chinese voice assistant called Xiaoyi.

The smart speaker has 6 microphones for users to interact with the virtual assistant. There are four buttons on the which are; Mute, +, -, and a button for calls.

The smart speakers voice control is similar to that of Google Assistant, and can as well differentiate between different users voice to help the users interact in a more dynamic way.

To build for consumers a smart product rather than just a speaker, the Chinese has partnered with Dynaudio to use its tech in its AI speaker. The speaker comes packed with 10-watts capability and a 'Histen' algorithm to improve its sound and performance.

There's a Huawei brand name on the top side, a single cord at the back and it measures 2.25 in height.

Unlike the Apple's HomePod and the Amazaon Echos that are expensive, this Huawei AI smart speaker is priced at 399 Yuan (about $60) in China.

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