Husband Divorces Wife After He Caught Her Cheating On Google Street Map

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A Peruvian man has divorced his wife after he caught her cheating with another man on Google Street Map.

According to local news media, the man was searching on Google street Map for the best route to reach a popular bridge in Lima, the capital of Peru, when he stumbled upon a figure that looked familiar in one of the photos.

One thing that caught his attention was the womans clothe in which was putting on. When he zoomed close, he found out that the woman was actually his wife. The woman wore a white top, jeans and heals and was sitting on a bench while a male figure lay across her lap as she stroked his hair.

The angry man confronted his wife with the pictures and she admitted of having an affair with another man, and not being faithful to her husband.

One thing you have to note here is that these photos were taken by Google Street Map at Puento de los supiros de Barranco (called Beridge of Sighs of the ravine), back in 2013. However, the couples were already married then.

The man went onto Facebook and shared the photos with his followers, and these were some response he got;

"What a small world it is... It would have been enough if she said to her husband that she did not love him any more." one Facebook user said.

Another wrote: "Our of 100 women, 90 per cent are not loyal, the rest are loyal and only have one eye (hahaha) or are immortal (hahaha)."

Google Street View has captured so many funny and bizarre results. Below are a few examples of weired photos Googl Street Map capture:

A Couple caught having s*x on Google Map

Armed masked people caught on Google Maps in Mexico

A scary looking flock of pigeon people

The list goes on. Click here for more gunny Google Street map photos.

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