Samsung Sues Russian Ambassador $1.6 Million For Using An iPhone X

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Samsung has sued one of its Russian brand ambassadors for allegedly using an iPhone X instead of a Samsung smartphone in public.

Ms Ksenia Sobchak, a journalist, politician and reality TV show host is Samsung's public brand ambassador in Russia. And she is expected to promote the product by using any of Samsung's smartphone alone as long as she remains the ambassador. Instead, she was caught on camera using Samsung's arch rivals product, an iPhone X!

According to a video shared by the Mirror, the 36-year-old can can be seen using an iPhone X which she tried hard to hide from the camera. At one point of the video, she is seen holding the phone but only the back visible. She then placed a piece of paper on the table  and then tried covering it while she operated the iPhone device. However, the paper didn't cover the angle as the phone was visible to the camera.

Well, Samsung didn't find it funny as they came down heavy on her and sued her for 108 million rubles (an equivalent of $1.6 million) for breaching the terms of the contract. Not only was she spotted using an iPhone X on screen, she was also spotted somewhere else in public also using the same Apple product.

This isn't the first time that a non-Apple brand ambassador has been caught using an iPhone instead of the supposed brand. Back then, Alicia Keys who was then the brand ambassador for BlackBerry was caught tweeting with an iPhone device. Adam levine and David Ferrer also had similar issues.

The latest slip-up to have happened involves Gal Gadot, who tweeted in favour of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro using an iPhone device. She later blamed it on staff.

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