Sony sues California man for selling jailbroken PS4 consoles

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has sued a California man for selling a jail broken PlayStation 4 console filled with pirated games. The lawsuit seeks damages too.

According to Torrent freak, the petition accused Eric Scales for selling jailbroken PS4 consoles on eBay and on his own site where he is alleged to offer jail breaking services. 

By circumventing the console's copy protection and loading them with with bootlegged games, the accused violated both Sony's copyrights and Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The accused didn't hide his intentions as he made everything open. The petition noted that Scales encouraged people to "stop buying games" on his website. To catch the suspect, Sony bought two of the consoles from Scales and saw printed instructions on how to install illegal game copies. Scales even wrote a message encouraging people to "enjoy all games for free."

The petition also seeks an injunction against the accused forcing him to stop all alleged infringing activities, and as well dispose hard drives, all jailbroken PS4 consoles, and any pirated games that may have been downloaded.

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