These Paid iPhone And iPad Apps Are Free For Now For A Limited Period Of Time

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There are some paid iPhone and iPad apps that are up for free for a limited period of time. These apps as at the time of this post are free for download at no cost and i urge you to download them as fast as you can as they still remain free.

We can't tell how long this free offer will last, and thus, when you click on any of the links and see a price listed next to the app instead of the "get", then it is no longer free. However, if you click and see the "get" instead of the initial price then you are in luck.

Lets look at the free apps available.

1. Remote Control for Mac:
 Price: $0 (initially sold for $9.99)

This app turns your iPad or iPhone into the ultimate remote control for your Mac. The device turns your iOS device into a trackpad and a keyboard. Users can even use the app to start any app on their Mac, send their Mac to sleep, Wake it up and perform many useful actions to control their Mac remotely.

Click here to download Remote Control for Mac for free

2. Merged Numbers:
 Price: $0 (initially sold for $1.99)

Merged Numbers is a very interesting puzzle game. Just Merged 3 or more same numbers to get higher number. Merged Numbers is a simple game and in which every one can easily play. However,  if you want to get a high score you will have think outside.

Click here to download Merged Numbers

3. VeryPDF PDF to Word 

 Price: $0 (initially sold for $5.99)

VeryPDF PDF to Word Convereter can edit and reuse PDF contents by exporting the text, imags and other contents from PDF file into Microsoft Word (DOC / DOCX) and Rich Text (RTF). The text, images, fonts and layouts  of the original PDF files will be exactly preserved in the converted Word documents. VeryPDF PDF to Word has its own PDF interpreter, so it does NOT require Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader reader or any other third-party PDF reader or maker.

For more about VeryPDF PDF to Word. Click here to read more about.

Click here to download VeryPDF PDF to Word.

4. Turbo Wheels
 Price: $0 (initially sold for $0.99)

Turbo Wheel is the most exciting mini cars racing game where you don't need brakes, they just slow you down.
They are plenty cars each with their own unique handling and style. They can also be customized to suite your taste.

  • 25 unique mini cars in five different categories (Sport, SS, GT, Formula & Classic)
  • 4 different countries (Brazil, Japan, Canada & UAE)
  • Over unique 16 tracks
  • 4 different race modes (Race, Time, Cois & 1 vs 1)
  • Race against the opponent car 1 vs 1 to unlock his car
  • Hours and days of exciting gameplay
Click here to download Turbo Wheels.

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