Google Express Is Rewarding Shoppers With Up To $500 Free Shopping Credit!!

Its the holiday season and every turn we make we stumble upon freebies and giveaways. Not to be left out in the frenzy, Google has announced its plan to give away up to $500 in Google Express credit.

To qualify for the free giveaway, you are to buy something on Google Express between November 5  to November 25, and then sign up to receive promotional emails. when you've done all these, wait until the end of the month for Google to reach out to you with a Google Express coupon code.

"During this season of thanks, place a qualifying order on Google Express between November 5-25," Google Express support read. "Sign up to get marketing emails to participate in this giveaway. At the end of the month, you'll get a code to use for the next time you shop with us."

Well, seems anyone who participates is guaranteed to get a "surprise code as a thank you" from Google Express. The "amount could be $10, $15, or $100," or you might be among the few customers to get the $500 worth of coupon.

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Here's a breakdown of how the coupon codes will be shared:
  5 customers will receive $500 worth of coupon codes
  100 customers will receive $100 worth of coupon codes
  1,500 customers will receive $15 worth of coupon codes
  Unlimited number of customers will receive $10 coupon code for purchases worth $35+

Now you've heard. You should click here and partake in the offer while its still on!!


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