Hackers Hijack Donald Trumps Wiki Page, Replaces Image With Big Pen!s

Pappi Hex

Last week Thursday, the US President's Wikipedia page was vandalized and the Donald Trumps picture was replaced with an image of a pen!s.

According to the Verge, people asking Siri questions about the US president were greeted with the answer plus a preview of the Wikipedia page with a photo of a pen!s. However, the pen!s image didn't appear with every search query.

The Verge explained that the pen!s picture kept coming and going, which suggests that someone and the vandals were in an active edit war by adding the image while the others kept replacing it with an image of a pen!s

The accounts that carried out the vandalism were however blocked indefinitely, and for sometime, only admins will be able to edit the page.

This won't be the first time that Trump's Wikipedia page has been vandalized. During the early stages of the presidential election, Trump's Wikipedia page was deleted twice in one day. According to a Mashable report, when the page was deleted for the second time, the editors wrote, "Let's be fair, nobody cares about him."

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