iPhone X Explodes After Being Upgraded To iOS 12.1

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An iPhone X user has been left in shock after his Apple device exploded when he upgraded his OS to iOS 12.1.

The iPhone X user, Rahel Mohammad, took to Twitter and reported the issue to Apple as he shared several images of the burnt device.

Mohammad said in the tweet that the phone got hot and exploded in the process of upgrading to iOS 12.1.

Speaking with Gadget 360, Mohammad explained that he bought the device this year in January and have been using it without issues. However, when he was running an OS upgrade to iOS 12.1, he plugged the Apple device to the Apple charger that came with it.

At a later stage, "dark grey smoke started coming from the phone," Mohammad said. "The update was completed and as soon as the phone turned on it started to smoke and caught fire."

Immediately, he unplugged the phone from the charger and attempted to pick it up, but the device was very hot and he was forced to toss it aside.

"When i held the phone it was very hot and i drop the phone immediately. Then it started to smoke," Mohammad told Gadget 360.

As earlier mentioned, Mohammad said that he was using the official charger that came out of the box with the device -- which is the 30 watt USB-C power adapter and lightning cable manufactured by Apple.

Pictures shared on Twitter by Mohammad shows the iPhone X with a scorched display and a shattered glass at the back.

A tweet from Apple's support division in response to Mohammad read: "That's definitely not expected behavior. DM us, so we can look into this with you."

Mohammad said he has sent the iPhone over to Apple for close inspection of the cause of the explosion.

There several things can make a device to explode. However, one of the major fault seems to arise as a result of a faulty battery as seen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device. Apple too have recorded several devices that have exploded in the past, however, since the launch of the iPhone X, its a rare occurrence to come across news of exploding iPhone X devices.

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