After Chinese Ban, A German Court Too Has Banned iPhone Products In Country Only If...

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A German court yesterday, passed a ruling in favour of US chipmaker Qualcomm in a dispute with Apple over patents infringements. The ruling could lead to a ban on sales of iPhones in Germany.

The patent claims in the dispute by the US chipmaker affects Apple's products, such as the iPhone 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus, and the X.

"The ruling effectively outlaws the offering and placing on the market of the finished product in Germany, including the sale. The iPhone 7plus, 7, 8, 8plus and the X are affected," the regional Munich court said.

However, since Apple can appeal the ruling from a higher court, the court said the injunction banning the sales of the affected Apple products can only be imposed if Qualcomm made a deposit of 668.4 million euros ($765 million) to serve as security, if things later goes in favour of Apple.

The 668.4 million euros the court is demanding is to serve as compensation to Apple if it carries out the injunction, and then a higher court overrules it.

Qualcomm and Apple, the two US tech companies whose headquarters are in California have been at logger heads with each other over royalties and patents. The two tech giants have taken their battle worldwide.

On Monday this week, a court in China banned the import of the above selected Apple products from the country, following the Qualcomms lawsuits against Apple.

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