Facebook Love Lands Indian Man In Pakistani Jail For 6 Years

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They say "Real love haves no geography, knows no boundaries." Yeah, this guy just proved it to us but instead he is advising everyone not to follow his example and avoid falling in love online.

According to the AFP, an Indian man, Hamid Hehal Ansari has been released after being jailed for 6 years in Pakistan.

AFP explained that Hamid Hehal Ansari who was released this week is said to have entered illegally entered Pakistan from Afghanistan in 2012 to meet a woman he had fallen in love with on social media, Facebook to be precise.

 Hamid Hehal Ansari who is an engineer, was later jailed for spying and forging documents to enter the country.

"Do not be emotional about strangers and don't fall in love on social media including Facebook," Ansari told AFP after returning to India.

"Getting deported was the happiest moment of my life," the 33-year-old later said from his phone in his home in Mumbai.

Images taken by local media showed Ansari hugging his mother and bowing to touch his head to the ground after crossing over to India at an overland border on Tuesday.

After this encounter, Ansari don't plan on returning back to any social network again as he now plans to settle down, start a business, get married and rebuild his life.

"(Now that i'm back, i will) start a business, get married and work on building back my life. No more social for me," Ansari said.

India-Pakistan relationship can be described as hostile due to many historical and political factors. The two have fought three wars ever since they independence from Britain in 1947, and they often arrests each others citizen on spying charges.

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