Google's Santa Tracker App Receives New Updates And Features For Christmas

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Google has updated its Santa Tracker app on the Play Store, bringing in a new Elf Maker for this year's Christmas celebration.
The Santa Tracker app by Google allows users to play games with elves in jetpacks, roll gumballs, sleighs powered by rockets and many more. It also allows users to design their own Elf. Once it's the 24th, users can see where Santa and the reindeer are delivering presents in their journey around the world.

According to a blog post from Google, the app this year comes with a new elf Maker. With this new Elf Maker, users can create and customize their own elf by picking out its clothes, hairstyle, and accessories. Users can even give the elf a facial hair!

"With our Elf Maker," the post read. "You can customize an elf from the head to toe to make sure they're stylin' for all of the holiday shindigs happening on the North Pole this year. Choose an outfit, accessories, hairstyle, and even facial hair to add some flair to your little friend."

Users will be able to catch a glimpse how people around the world spend their holidays, and will also be able to see holiday photos from Local Guides and as well, test their knowledge of holiday traditions with a festive quiz powered by Google Earth and Street View.

Google also made available educational games, lesson plans, PDFs and instructional videos on Santa Village.

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