How To Check If Your Photos Were Affected In Last Week Facebook Bug

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Last week Friday, Facebook announced that a software bug had affected 6.8 million users of the social network platform, exposing many photos than intended to developers.

The social network giant said that the bug which was an issue with Facebook's photos API, granted third-party apps access to photos of Facebook users who had granted them access to photos shared on their timeline.

Facebook said the bug which lasted for 12 days also gave about 1,500 apps built by 876 developers access to photos shared on Marketplace or Facebook Stories, and as well as those photos that were uploaded on Facebook but weren't posted due to technical reason or some sort.

Facebook has however, fixed the issue and are instructing developers to delete the photos that were shared unintendedly.

The Social network giant is also requesting users to login and check their account if they were impacted in the software bug issue.

"We recommend logging into any apps where you've shared your Facebook photos to check which photos they have access to do so and isn't related to," Facebook said, including what users can do if they "want to contact an app developer."
 your privacy settings. We

Click here and follow the instructions to see if you were impacted in the bug issue.

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